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Back to Normal….ish

Last week was pretty rough, I was sick and had absolutely NO energy to get out of bed! So glad to be back to normal but now my little man is sick. We made an unexpected trip to the er last night after he got home from his grandma’s. He was having an asthma attack and I was out of his medication. Turns out he had an attack because of bronchitis so now he’s taking breathing treatments (which he hates, even though he has a dinosaur mask), antibiotics and steroids. Having asthma at two is not fair for him, especially since he absolutely adores sports and can’t stop running around. He’ll get to play, though, but it’s going to be a little more difficult than it should ūüė¶

Saturday night was our annual February birthdays get together. Since me, my sister and my mom all have our birthdays, each a week apart, during February, usually we have a group party at the end of the month. This years wasn’t the craziest one we have had yet but it definitely was up among the top three! Since my sister finally turned 21 we’re able to take her in public which I haven’t decided if that is a good thing or bad thing yet! Ah, good times…

The Last Dawn is doing as I expected for my first novel. Not great but not horrible! As of right now, the paperback ranks #720,781 out of 8 million so that’s cool, I guess! Hoping that my upcoming blog tour at the end of March helps out a bit more. Just as a reminder, if you have read The Last Dawn,¬†head over to Amazon and give it a review! The¬†ebook edition is currently exclusive to Kindle for at least the next 90 days but you can still purchase the paperback on Amazon and CreateSpace!!

I think Spring arrived early in Texas this year which in my opinion is not a bad thing! But it does make me want to open all the windows and super clean the house… which¬†I need to do!



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