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Back on Examiner.com

So I have decided to make my return to writing for Examiner.com as the Fort Worth Concert Photography Examiner! My old favorite local bands have been joined by new up-and-coming artists that are sure to keep me busy writing concert alerts and reviews for the months ahead!

You can find this week’s articles along with everything I was up to last year here.

The Last Dawn Blog Tour was a success and thank you again to everyone who participated! I received great feedback and reviews and I have decided to write a sequel to give the fans that extra “something” they felt was missing.

Today and Sunday, The Last Dawn is part of another FREE promotion for the Kindle on Amazon.com. The author site is a bit delayed so I don’t have the current numbers but it is already doing better as far as ranking goes than my last promotion!!

Have a great Good Friday and Easter Sunday 🙂



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A Rainy Saturday, Just The Way I Like It

Since I no longer work weekends at the portrait studio, I get to enjoy my Saturday mornings again. This morning I poured my kiddos their orange juice into sippy cups and the milk into their bowls of Apple Jacks. We sat down in the living room and turned on some cartoons. While I sipped on my coffee I watched them as they scarfed down their breakfast, it just made me really happy. All of those long hours at the studio meant that I didn’t spend any time with them. I left when they woke up and came home when they went to bed. I missed out on all of those simple little moments that most people don’t care about.

But when they start to fight, scream and pull each other’s hair, I kind of miss those long hours at the studio 🙂

I had an afternoon alone yesterday where I got to do my hair, paint my nails, listen to the music my fiance can’t stand. It was awesome. It also took me back, made me feel a little nostalgic for my teen years when that is all I did in my free time. But it also stirred something up inside. Something clicked and I sat down for three hours straight and wrote and wrote and wrote and wrote. That, too, was awesome. I have two book ideas in the beginning stages and what I came up with yesterday will fit perfectly in with my third idea. That third idea may take a year or two to complete but that’s okay. If it turns out how I expect it to, it will be worth the wait.

Tonight, the kids are spending the night with grandma which means I get to be relieved of my mommy duties for a bit. A friend is playing bass in a band that I like so my other friend asked me to go along with her. Since her boyfriend is out-of-town playing a show in Shreveport for Mardi Gras weekend, she doesn’t want to go alone. I don’t blame her, I wasn’t going to go if she wasn’t going 🙂

So, it looks like my rainy Saturday starts off with a morning of Apple Jacks and cartoons with the kiddos and ends with loud music, cold drinks and good friends. Sounds like a perfect day to me.


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Bonding with my characters

I’ve discovered while working on my novel, The Last Dawn, that I’ve been taking on the emotions of my characters. I guess that can be a good thing but man, I’m on an emotional rollercoaster! While trying to effectively describe the heartfelt emotions these characters are going through, it’s causing me to feel them as well. I listen to music in association with how I believe they should feel, especially when I’m running low on inspiration. Music makes me emotional in general but even worse when I’m searching to feel a specific way.

I just hope I’m successfully conveying these emotions into words!

How do you bring the intense emotions of your characters to life through your writing? Do you use any aides, such as music, as inspiration?


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