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It’s been a little while but I’m still around! Tons of craziness in my crazy life has been happening. I’m now single but still living in my apartment since moving in with my dad didn’t turn out (thanks to my freakin mother!). I had to get a high paying job to support myself and the kiddos, my writing career doesn’t yet pay the bills. I’m enjoying the freedom, independence and tranquility my life has going on right now. Sure, there are a few aspects of my current life that could still use a change but I’m not too concerned with them.

The Last Dawn still has a sequel in the works but I haven’t had the chance to do much with it since my life has kind of been turned upside down! But, no worries The Last Dawn will have the sequel everyone has been asking for!


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Back on

So I have decided to make my return to writing for as the Fort Worth Concert Photography Examiner! My old favorite local bands have been joined by new up-and-coming artists that are sure to keep me busy writing concert alerts and reviews for the months ahead!

You can find this week’s articles along with everything I was up to last year here.

The Last Dawn Blog Tour was a success and thank you again to everyone who participated! I received great feedback and reviews and I have decided to write a sequel to give the fans that extra “something” they felt was missing.

Today and Sunday, The Last Dawn is part of another FREE promotion for the Kindle on The author site is a bit delayed so I don’t have the current numbers but it is already doing better as far as ranking goes than my last promotion!!

Have a great Good Friday and Easter Sunday 🙂


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