Yesterday Was Exciting, Today, Not As Much

I do have to say that yesterday’s free promotion on Amazon for The Last Dawn was pretty successful. My goal for the promo was simply to get my book out there to as many readers as possible. Before going to bed last night, I tallied up the numbers and here were the results:

  • #691 out of all Kindle books
  • #15 in the Fantasy/Futuristic genre
  • 332 copies downloaded worldwide

I’m sure those numbers ended a little differently at midnight but I was too tired to stay up that long. With those kinds of numbers, I really wish I was getting paid royalties! Today, my numbers are back where they were before but that was to be expected.

Last night I began outlining my next novel. It is currently untitled and at the very beginning stages. I will share more details about this project at a later date but I’m super excited!




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3 responses to “Yesterday Was Exciting, Today, Not As Much

  1. Way to get yourself out there. Wish I had a Kindle now. Are you also available on Nook?

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